Discover Light and Sound Mind Machines for Desired Brain States

Light and Sound Mind Machines

Light and sound mind machines are cutting edge devices that help explore beginning or advanced meditation, self hypnosis, sleep and dream enhancement, learning, consciousness expansion, or stress management just to name a few.

Brainwave ImageThey produce specific, rhythmic pulses of light and sound patterns which can be perceived as complex colors, shapes or even feelings.

We know the human brain has a certain rhythm when relaxed, another rhythm when focused, and so on. During a light and sound session, your overall brain rhythms, or frequencies, begin to follow the type of session (and therefore frequency) you choose. If you want to relax for example, the lights will gently pulsate at a frequency in the alpha range – as that is the frequency of a relaxed human brain.

When stimulated as such, your brain begins to actually enter that mental state. The session types can be quite elaborate, including those for specific meditations, energizing, visualization, right or left hemisphere stimulation, sleep, or dazzling entertainment! That’s just to name a few.

Light and sound mind machines are perfect for experienced as well as beginning explorers and meditators.  Experiences users enjoy the enhancement of light, colors and fractals in their experience.  Beginners appreciate the feeling of guidance the light and sound frequencies provide while learning to maintain deeper states of mind.

Explorers of the mind and neuro-consciousness love devices like light and sound mind machines.  It provides a unique opportunity to blend an interest in mind tech with brainwaves and consciousness exploration.  The field is rapidly growing while the mind tech itself becomes smaller yet capability increases.

Be sure to read this Mind Machine Article Series for more information about this amazing mind technology.  You may also be interested in the the mind sciences community site, MindLab(x).  


Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine

Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine

  • (360) 376-6494

The Proteus system is compact, lightweight, and attractive. If you're looking for a portable hi-performance light and sound system, Proteus is your machine! Technologically advanc
Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine by Photosonix

Nova Pro 100 Light & Sound Mind Machine

  • 1-800-258-2566

With 100 stimulation sessions, more storage and more features than any other system, the Nova Pro 100 is the maximum in what light & sound technology can offer. Top of the line, pr
Kasina Mind Media System 

Kasina Mind Media System

  • (360) 376-6494

Kasina light and sound system provides stunning audio-visual experiences for relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation.

March 19, 2015