Products and tools for enhancing dreams and helping to induce lucidity.
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Learn how to have advaced lucid dreams

Advanced Lucid Dreaming

Dissolve your roadblocks to lucidity and learn the key to lucid dreams.
Lucid Dreaming Online Program

The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track is a unique course - written by a real lucid dreamer - based on years of first-hand experience and research into conscious dream control.
Lucid Dreaming Audio Program with Hemi-Sync Technology

Hemi-Sync Lucid Dreaming Program

  • 1-800-541-2488

Do anything, anywhere, with anybody! This series provides a unique opportunity for individuals to benefit from states of expanded awareness during times we are not no
Lucid Dreaming Video Site - Lucidology

Lucidology: A Lucid Dreaming Video Site is a lucid dreaming and OBE supersite with an active forum, free video and more.
Downloadable Lucid Dreaming Kit

Lucid Dreaming Kit

Control your dreams in 7 days - guaranteed.
Dream Herb

Dream Herb - Calea Zacatechichi

  • 760-431-7839

Dream Herb Calea Zacatechichi for sleep and dream induction and lucidity.

Dream Leaf Lucid Dreaming Supplement

  • (801) 675-8645

Dream Leaf - Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement