Dream Leaf Lucid Dreaming Supplement
April 13, 2015 2:41 pm
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Dream Leaf - Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement
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Dream Leaf Lucid Dreaming Supplement

Dream Leaf: Dream Without Limits

  • Dream Leaf is “the most advanced and effective lucid dreaming supplement on the market.” SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
  • Successfully promotes lucid dreaming, dream recall, and balanced sleep
  • The synergistic blend activates the neurotransmitter ACh, which is known in the scientific community as the “lucid dreaming neurotransmitter” and has been proven to cause conscious, controlled dreaming when activated
  • Only well-researched ingredients are used: 5-HTP, mugwort, huperzine-A, choline bitartrate, DHEA
  • Dream Leaf creates an optimal neuro-environment for lucid dreaming


Dream Leaf Lucid Dreaming SupplementTake your dreams to a new level with Dream Leaf.  Dream Leaf lucid dreaming supplement not only helps you to become conscious during your dreams, but lengthen your natural REM (rapid eye movement) cycle as well.

Dream Leaf combines the latest research into an advanced two part supplement approach utilizing a blue pill and a red pill to ensure that you get the right nutrients, in the right quantities, at the right time… in order to achieve 3 main objectives: lucid (or conscious) dreams, vivid dream recall, and balanced sleep. It’s important to keep in mind that there are two parts of sleep – deep sleep and REM sleep and both should to be taken into consideration to achieve lucid dreams.

This is why Dream Leaf comes in two parts, the blue and the red pill.  Each effectively activates a specific stage of sleep during the proper time of night. This ensures restful deep sleep, but also promotes a hyper REM stage that promotes highly controllable lucid dreams, the likes of which you have never experienced before!Dream-Leaf_blue-red

Ingredients: 5-HTP, Mugwort, Huperzine-A, DHEA, Choline

The Blue Pill And The Red Pill Contain
5 Of The Most Effective Lucid Dreams Herbs.


 The Blue Pill

  • Taken just before bed
  • Promotes a prolonged period of restful deep-sleep
  • Boosts serotonin levels, causing the “REM Rebound Effect” with an extended period of REM Sleep
  • Elevates dream creativity and makes dreams more vivid


Mugwort helps calm the nerves so you can fall asleep quickly. It is a popular dream herb for many lucid dream enthusiasts because it also causes your dreams to be highly creative and much more vivid. Mugwort also enhances dream recollection.



5-HTP prolongs the Deep Sleep cycle and also boosts serotonin levels, causing the “REM Rebound Effect.” This effect lengthens the REM Sleep cycle during the second half of the night, providing a much larger window for lucid dreaming.​


 The Red Pill

  • Taken about 4 hours after going to bed
  • Promotes lucid dreams
  • Improves memory/ dream recall
  • Increases dream control


Huperzine-A slows the breakdown of ACh, help​ing you maintain access to your reality memories​ and maintain a degree of consciousness and lucidity while you dream​. Huperzine​-​A helps you to have lucid dreams.

Alpha CPC

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC promotes rational thinking during REM Sleep and functions as an incredible catalyst for​ inducing​ lucid dream​s​.


Choline Bitartrate

​Choline not only assists Huperzine-A in maintaining high Acetylcholine​ (ACh)​ levels​, but i​t is​ also​ the single most effective supplement for ​enhancing ​dream recall. Since memory and lucid dreaming are interconnected, ​Choline is essential for an amazing lucid dreaming​ experience.


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 2 reviews
by Avol on

that when you are deep within your REM sleep cycle a preosn can have several dreams. Depending on what level of consciousness you are in you will ether remember the dream or not. It sounds to me like you were just in a lighter REM sleep than usual, so you remembered two of your dreams.

by Alex on
Totally works

5 stars because it works when you take it as directed - meaning blue pill when going to bed and red pill mid-way through the night. But if you're like me and don't really get up in the middle of the night, then you miss your opportunity to take the red one. I guess I need to drink a bunch of water before going to sleep so I wake up later. Or set an alarm. But anyway, my dreams when successfully taking both pills really are incredible. Probably 3 of the 5 times I've taken both pills I have achieved lucidity, even if only briefly. 5 out of 5 times my dreaming during the night was way vivid and clear. I feel fantastic during the next day, sharp. Little tired by the next night tho, cuz I think I don't get as much deep sleep on the nights I take these pills. Totally worth trying.

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