Nova Pro 100 Light & Sound Mind Machine
April 16, 2012 11:51 pm
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Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine by Photosonix
With 100 stimulation sessions, more storage and more features than any other system, the Nova Pro 100 is the maximum in what light & sound technology can offer. Top of the line, premium quality.
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Nova Pro 100 Light & Sound Mind Machine

Nova Pro 100 Mind Machine by PhotosonixNova Pro 100 is a top of the line, professional quality machine with more stimulation sessions, more storage and more features than any other machine on the market:

  • 100 built-in sessions
  • Capacity for 100 more sessions to be downloaded (or a total of 1000 session segments)
  • Manual mode
  • Computer control mode
  • 2 user ready – the drive circuitry handles the second user with no degradation from one user performance
  • Excellent sound quality in 6 octaves of pitch: as low as 16Hz, as high as 960Hz
  • AudioStrobe compatible: Just connect your CD player to the external input of the Nova Pro 100, and play an AudioStrobe CD (available here), with your headphones and glasses connected to the Nova Pro 100, for an amazing AudioStrobe experience where the lights of your goggles flash in sync with the music. AudioStrobe is a registered Trademark of Tamas Labs
  • Microphone input with volume control is provided for voiceover during a session
  • Dual monaural beats allowing independent control of left and right frequencies
  • Easily adjustable thumbwheel control of light intensity and sound volume
  • Great quality headphones
  • Includes Light/Sound Designer 100 software
  • Gentle on/gentle off, sessions start with a gradual volume and intensity, ramp up to selected levels, and end with a gentle ramp down to off
  • Battery saving: Automatic shutdown with user disable is provided
  • Personal Preference Program setting capability
  • Remaining Session time display
  • Session pause feature
  • Sine wave sound with pitch ramping
  • Full user programming capability from a PC computer

Nova Pro 100 by PhotosonixHow it works: Sessions are organized in 8 categories: relax, meditate, sleep, learn, energize, visualize, entertain and special.Sessions are chosen by selecting a category then a session within the category (so you don’t have to wade through 100 sessions every time). In any category, the selection process proceeds through the built-in sessions, then through any downloaded sessions in that category. Downloaded sessions are given a category at time of download. A single download can be 1 to 25 sessions in any one category. The downloaded session index is automatically reorganized to keep the sessions sorted in the intended categories, no matter what the order of download.

What’s included: System unit, 1 pair of stimulation glasses, 1 pair of Pro headphones, AC adapter, computer cable, Light/Sound Designer disc, free Light/Sound Librarian software and additional session libraries to download from manufacturer’s web site, stereo cord, manual, a roomy carrying bag with a shoulder strap and four fitted compartments that keep all items separate with plenty of room to add glasses and headphones in a convenient way, 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Click here to read more about Light & Sound, and how to choose a machine.

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by guest on Blank Product Name

The Nova Pro 100 has every feature there is that I know of. The sound is better than the other machines the colortrack glasses are incredible. get the color tracks if you get the nova pro you will be very very happy.

by Thomas G on Blank Product Name
Badass! (Nova Pro 100)

I have worn out several light and sound machines over the years before saying oh screw it, I'll spring for the Nova Pro 100. It's much better made than other machines like the Proteus and Zen Master. The sound and brightness is tons stronger on the Nova Pro 100. The casing is what sets it apart for me a lot - it's metal so it doesn't crack or have stuff fall off. However! because of that, it's quite a bit heavier but this is also because there is a rechargeable battery in it. I don't mind the larger size and weight tho. It comes with an awesome carrying bag that is in itself much more high quality than other cases. Totally worth it for the extra quality and better features! I'm just not giving it 5 stars at the moment because I do think it could use a minor update in the serial connection type to the computer for creating more sessions. But I have 100 to play with so like I said its not major.

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