Photosonix Mind Technology
April 22, 2010 8:09 pm
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Light and Sound Mind Machines by Photosonix
Leaders in neurotechnology, featuring the Nova Pro 100 system and ColorTrack glasses.
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Photosonix Mind Technology


Relaxation, meditation, learning peak performance, stress reduction and deeper sleep; these are just a few reasons why so many individuals worldwide are discovering the benefits of Audio Visual Stimulation (AVS) devices or light and sound machines.

Also known as “Mind machines” these devices can gently guide your mind into desired states, such as helping you relax, sleep better, reach meditative states more quickly… and more.

Light and Sound Mind Machines by PhotosonixWhether you are a long time follower of neurotechnology or are just discovering its powerful possibilities, they have something for you.  Light/Sound synthesizers have made it easier for many to reach that elusive few minutes of calm.

Because Light & Sound devices (also known as Mind Machines) have many features, there are many choices. There are tones to choose from and the frequency range to consider… and the timing of both that goes in a session design.

The PHOTOSONIX Difference

At PHOTOSONIX, they strive to make the best devices in the industry with better sound and brighter lights. They have been designing and manufacturing light and sound machines for over ten years. PHOTOSONIX has one of the most comprehensive product lines available. They work with professionals and incorporate their experience and ideas into our various models.

The goal of Photosonix is to relax, entertain, and inform you, so you can make an informed decision about our products. Which, we may add, are among the best in the industry.


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