Procyon Light & Sound Mind Machine
March 27, 2012 9:10 pm
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Procyon Light and Sound Mind Machine
The MindPlace Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is the next evolution in Brain State Training and Meditation Technology. More than a 'Mind Machine', the Procyon delivers stunning, intense inner experie
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Procyon Light & Sound Mind Machine

Procyon Light and Sound Mind Machine by MindPlaceThe MindPlace Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is the next evolution in Brain State Training and Meditation Technology. More than a ‘Mind Machine’, the Procyon delivers stunning, intense inner experiences using the industry’s most advanced Visual Effects Engine. Millions of jewel-like colors set your mind alight as mandalas and fractal-like mirages flow by in a dance of enlightening enjoyment. It’s like your own strobing light show playing in your head!

Add CD-quality digital sound tracks of your choosing from home stereos, computers, mp3 players, or smartphones, and you have the perfect psychedelic symphony for a fantastical journey to the deepest reaches of the mind and beyond. Or, use the highest fidelity wave synchronization pulses available on any brainwave machine to generate isochronic tones and binaural beats in perfect sync with the visuals. You can even mix the external and internal sounds for added effectiveness.

Powerful, free software and an easy-to-use USB interface allow the creation of personalized sessions for unlimited expansion and endless variety. We have packed the Procyon with plenty of content to get you started and keep you going for years. Fifty meticulously-crafted sessions showcase the vast capabilities of the system and build upon scientific studies to deliver tracks that entertain and sync your consciousness to the highest levels of human awareness.

A Company That Delivers

MindPlace, Inc is the world’s most experienced and trusted manufacturer of Light and Sound Machines. They have produced trend-setting enlightenment technologies since 1988. The crown-jewel and best-of-class of their current products, the Procyon light and sound mind machine is their greatest achievement yet!Procyon Light and Sound Mind Machine

  • Manufactured by: Mindplace
  • Create millions of colors, including pastels, with our Procyon Visual Effects Engine
  • 255 shades of each color (red, green, blue)
  • Multiple visual effects (color phase shift, pulse width modulation, etc.) enable complex light-show-like sessions
  • Multiple color waveforms (sine, pulse, triangle)
  • Variable phase control of light waveforms, including real-time phase shifting.
  • Colored ganzfeld option-create non flickering fields of light which shift in hue and brightness.
  • Hybrid ganzfeld/flicker capability (i.e., variable brightness intensity instead of on/off).
  • Digital Audio Interface for clear, clean audio
  • Large Flash Memory store – over 1,600 program segments
  • USB port
  • Free Software Editor for Windows PCs
  • Portable, stylish design
  • Hours of battery life or power from USB
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Click here to read more about Light & Sound, and how to choose a machine.

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by Jenna on Blank Product Name
Procyon is SWEET!

Like the other reviewer I bought the Procyon as un upgrade from the Proteus cuz I dropped it and it stopped working. The upgrade with the USB is nice but for me the glasses that come with the Procyon is what it's all about. Love love love the colors! Only drawback is that you can't choose your color, you sorta get what you get. I have been told that the nova pro color track glasses let you choose a certain color or the option for multi-color and I would probably prefer that. But don't get me wrong peeps - the light show you get with the Procyon rocks!

by Michael S on Blank Product Name
Nice Technology (Procyon Mind Machine)

I am interested in meditation and consciousness so wanted to try a mind machine since I seem to come across them online more and more. The Procyon is pretty awesome. I agree with the other reviewer that the glasses seem to make it. I don't really know about the guts of it compared to other units, but the procyon does everything very nicely for me. The perception you actually have from the colors and frequencies is subjective i would imagine, but I experience a deeper state for sure when I use my Procyon, than I do when I don't. The way your brain processes everything gives the feeling like the lights and associated feelings come from "inside". Quite a nice experience.

by Guest on Blank Product Name
Proteus is effective, but Procyon is better

The Proteus light and sound mind machine is cool! The lights are great, the sessions are pretty good and it works. However, you can only connect it to your computer through the serial port which my new laptop doesn't even have and I don't think many do these days. I'm not sure the reasons why the manufacturers don't upgrade it to a usb connection. I actually think that is what the Procyon is. So maybe they'll eventually just get rid of the Proteus. I have used someone else's Procyon and it really is a much better device with more colors and technical upgrades. If you're thinking about getting a light and sound mind machine, my advice is to spring to the Procyon. This site has some nice write-ups on it as well.

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