Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine
April 11, 2012 8:03 pm
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Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine
The Proteus system is compact, lightweight, and attractive. If you're looking for a portable hi-performance light and sound system, Proteus is your machine! Technologically advanced and fully program
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Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine

Proteus Light and Sound System by MindPlace


Proteus Light and Sound Mind MachinePROTEUS is a revolutionary new light and sound product that combines innovative BiColor™ stimulation technology — with a powerful set of additional features, all for an unbeatable price. Plus, the Proteus now boasts redesigned circuitry and a super-fast processor!

The Proteus offers a HUGE number of options for the money. It is by far the #1 best seller of light and sound machines. It carries an enormous potential for discovery and growth on your part. It has 50 built-in sessions as well as the capacity for you to compose your own, once you discover the session elements you like best. Imagine lying back to the perfect relaxation session, or the pitch-perfect (literally!) meditation session. These and more are all there for you to take advantage of.

The Proteus will amaze you with it’s ability to independently control two different colors of light, creating out-of-this-world visuals. And if you’re a music lover, you’ll want to check out the AudioStrobe sampler CD that comes FREE with each Proteus. AudioStrobe programs are specially encoded to control the light of the Proteus with the sound on the CD, creating your own personal light and sound show. Truly amazing! Just as you can play an AudioStrobe CD through an ordinary CD player, you may also play any other music, meditation, or hypnosis CDs as well. The Proteus comes with a simple cord that connects an external music source to your Proteus. This combo makes for very potent, deeply relaxing sessions.

The Proteus is extremely simple to use and enjoy. It’s advanced technology doesn’t mean that it is too complex to actually operate; it means that you receive crisp, responsive and effective programs with dazzling cascade of visuals not achieved by other machines…all by simply choosing your session and pressing play! The technology is there, “behind the scenes”. Additionally, the Proteus comes with a complete user manual, a full support and online materials including forums, additional downloadable sessions, tutorials, FAQs and more via the manufacturer’s website, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For those interested in biofeedback to control anxiety, learn meditation or master physiologic responses, you will be excited to hear the the Proteus can even interface with the ThoughtStream biofeedback system to do all those things and more, via BioConnectTM interlink. The ThoughtStream feeds back information to you about the state of your body’s stress level. When connected to a Proteus, your feedback can be in the form of pulsing light, which even further enhances and trains the desired response. Talk about effective!

For the easy-to-use realtime control, biofeedback with the ThoughtStream (sold separately), and the best AudioStrobe decoders available, plus the comfortable and bright Ruby/Emerald Ganzframes, the Proteus is beyond doubt one of the top mind machines ever created regardless of price.


FEATURES:Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine

  • Realtime BiColor™ output: Proteus is the only system available which simultaneously controls two color output channels in real time! This means that relaxation frequencies can be set to soothing green, while energizing frequencies are the appropriate red. We deliver the system with superbright premium Ruby/Emerald light frames.
  • Totally upgradeable: Proteus uses advanced nonvolatile Flash memory for both session and operating system data. This means that you can download not only new session groups but that the internal operating system can be upgraded too. In fact, the manufacturer has released more than a half dozen feature-rich upgrades already!
  • Totally programmable:A simple yet powerful Windows 98+ session programming tool is available as a free download to registered owners.
  • Wavetable audio: Proteus includes stereo digital-to-analog audio converters, enabling production of binaural beats and other waveforms. You can design your own waveforms as well with the free Windows-based session programming software included with every system (downloaded from manufacturer’s website).
  • 199 Program Capacity: Proteus ships with enhanced versions of the original Orion sessions, together with a “”best-of”” assortment of programs from our other systems. A total of fifty programs are preloaded into Proteus when you receive it, and it can hold up to 199 programs in its two nonvolatile memory banks – all at half the price of other mind machines with this much memory.
  • BioConnect™ :BioConnect™ is a biofeedback/light and sound interlink. Connect a ThoughtStream biofeedback device to your Proteus and automatically control session parameters (pulse rate, brightness, binaural beat frequency, loudness, etc) through bodily measures. A perfect match!
  • Enhanced AudioStrobe™: The Proteus AudioStrobe decoder circuitry has been fine-tuned, providing a much crisper, intense experience.

What’s included: Control unit w/easy-to-read 3 digit LED display and built-in folding stand, super “Ruby/Emerald” light frames, deluxe headphones, stereo audio patch cord, carrying case, Audiostrobe sampler CD, and user manual. Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included) or AC adapter (included).

Click here to read more about Light & Sound, and how to choose a machine.

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by dante on Blank Product Name

this is very cool. I love to use it.

by Guest on Blank Product Name
Proteus is effective, but Procyon is better

The Proteus light and sound mind machine is cool! The lights are great, the sessions are pretty good and it works. However, you can only connect it to your computer through the serial port which my new laptop doesn't even have and I don't think many do these days. I'm not sure the reasons why the manufacturers don't upgrade it to a usb connection. I actually think that is what the Procyon is. So maybe they'll eventually just get rid of the Proteus. I have used someone else's Procyon and it really is a much better device with more colors and technical upgrades. If you're thinking about getting a light and sound mind machine, my advice is to spring to the Procyon. This site has some nice write-ups on it as well.

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