Sleep Salon
August 26, 2013 1:37 pm
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Sleep Salon Brainwave Download
Scientifically-proven brainwave MP3 sends you to sleep in just minutes!
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Sleep Salon

Scientifically-proven brainwave MP3 sends you to sleep in minutes.

Sleep Salon Brainwave Entrainment Program

Get to sleep FAST by using this audio!

  • Are you spending night after night, staring up at the ceiling?
  • Do you often suffer from insomnia, or sleeplessness?
  • Trouble getting to sleep due to pain, stress, caffeine addiction?

The Sleep Salon is a ‘brainwave’ audio program. It works by using special tones and pulses, which help influence your brainwave patterns. Listening to this audio gently takes you down from a waking ‘alpha’ state into a deep ‘delta’ sleep.

What is the Sleep Salon? from Inspire3 on Vimeo.

It’s incredibly powerful and totally safe*. The Sleep Salon improves on what the brain does naturally, lulling you into a deep sleep within minutes.

Just hit the ‘Play’ button and listen as you fall asleep. No headphones are required, and you’ll probably never hear the end of the recording. Wave goodbye to insomnia and sleepless nights – and say hello to a fresh morning and happier mood!

The Sleep Salon contains 12 brainwave MP3 sessions. Just read the user guide and listen to the one most suited to the type of insomnia you’re experiencing.

Thousands of people use special ‘brainwave’ audio sessions to get to sleep.
Just slip on your headphones and click Play. Learn more on this page!

Don’t spend another night staring at the ceiling.

Visit the Sleep Salon homepage now and download the Sleep Salon Program.  Then get ready to enjoy the best sleep of your life, tonight!

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