Withings Aura Smart Sleep System
March 15, 2015 6:25 pm
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Withings Aura Smart Sleep System
Track and improve your sleep. Wake up smoothly at the best time of your sleep cycle.
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Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

State-of-the-art sleep trackingAura-light-sleep-enhancement

Withings AuraTM is a well thought-out active system designed to both monitor and improve sleep quality. Our technology combines a contact-free Sleep Sensor tucked under the mattress, an active light & sound Bedside Device, and a smartphone app.

It is designed to work with the natural bio-rhythms of our bodies.  The light & sound programs of Withings AuraTM are designed to promote the onset of sleep and to provide a stress-free wake-up experience.

Withings AuraTM makes the most of a scientifically validated correlation between light wavelengths and the secretion of Melatonin, the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle.

The presence of Melatonin helps bring about sleep onset.  The Aura’s Fall Asleep programs use a narrow red light spectrum – free of the Melatonin-inhibiting wavelengths allowing naturally occurring Melatonin to help initiate sleep.  The Aura’s Wake Up programs use a narrow blue light spectrum – with Melatonin-inhibiting wavelengths that raise your alertness.

Wake Up Optimally

Aura-ios-appWithings Aura TM offers a Smart WakeUP function that adapts the timing of your wake-up program to your personal body clock, using the data recorded during the night by the Sleep Sensor.

Place the discreet Sleep Sensor under your mattress and forget about it. Highly sensitive, it monitors your sleep cycles through body movement, breathing cycle and heart rate analysis.

Upon sunrise, your night’s data has already been synced, analyzed and turned into a graph showcasing the different stages of sleep – light, deep and REM – and key sleep quality indicators (duration of sleep, time it took to fall asleep, number of wake-ups), available in the app.



wihings Enjoy power naps and relaxation sessions

Aura offers dedicated programs designed to help you doze off, and recharge your body and mind, whenever you feel like it. Napping has been scientifically proven to improve your overall health and mood while encouraging creativity*

wihings Hi-Fi audio speaker & more

Aura comes with a lamp that dims with a gentle caress, a high-quality Hi-Fi speaker, and a USB port for smartphone charging.


It’s time for good sleep, don’t you think?
Learn more about the AuraTM  Smart Sleep System at the Withings website.




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by haydenj on Blank Product Name
Nice light

Love the light this unit emits. It's the main reason I bought it and I am very happy with that aspect. I wake up early and for most of the year, it is still dark. It's so cool to wake up to the blue glow and start feeling alert faster than when waking up to darkness!!!! The touch sensing control on the light unit along with the time readout is completely cool, too 🙂

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