Mind Machine Review: Procyon vs Nova Pro 100

Let’s get one thing clear before we even start here: Both the Procyon and Nova Pro 100 have really great options and your experience with each will be amazing. 

Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine by PhotosonixHowever, in the end, I do tend to recommend the Nova Pro/ColorTrack glasses option.  You definitely get more for the money with that combination.  The Procyon comes with tri-colored glasses which is able to produce basically an endless array of color combinations and patterns and the light is quite crisp.  The ColorTrack glasses are also crisp, and probably put out the brightest light of all glasses out there when used with the more powerful Nova Pro 100 – that is, you have the option of turning the light intensity higher if desired.  Not everyone cares for a really bright experience…some folks on the other hand want the light as bright as possible for maximum pattern and color visuals.

One thing to keep in mind about light and color as you go along in light and sound experiences, is that (as amazing as multi-colored sessions are) you may want to begin experimenting with pure or single colors.  Many people begin to start appreciating for example, solid blue during their deeper work, or bright white during more energizing sessions.  The Procyon sessions don’t allow for the selection of just one color; those glasses constantly change color in all sessions.  That’s not to say you won’t get a majority of blues and greens in more meditative sessions with the Procyon, it just means that you don’t have the control of pure color should you eventually desire it.  With the ColorTrack glasses, not only do you have the the ColorTrack option where you are delivered a full palette of colors during the course of any session, you also have the option of selecting ONLY a certain color…you basically get like 20 glasses in 1 – and they are totally worth it in my opinion.

Procyon Light and Sound Mind MachineOther miscellaneous notes: You have many more sessions to choose from with a Nova Pro and they are excellent sessions.  The sounds also tends to be fuller and deeper from the Nova Pro.  The NP is physically larger and heavier though, as it has a built-in rechargeable battery as well as a more sturdy metal casing which I think is nice to have in the long run.    If you would ever want to run a simultaneous session with someone, the NP has two light ports and two sound ports…it’s pretty cool to do a session with someone and then compare experiences.  A lot of clinical practitioners choose the Nova as it is a more complete package.  Both the NP and Procyon come with traveling cases which keep everything self contained.

If you need to travel as light as possible, the Procyon is more compact.  To my knowledge, the Procyon has a more updated session creation software if you think you may want to design your own.  Also, the Nova requires a serial port on your PC to connect in order to create your own stuff. I understand there are adapters one can get to connect in the absence of a serial port.  I believe most people don’t end up creating their own sessions anyway.  Both machines have many great built-in sessions to choose from and ways of customizing the experience, so they tend to not expand to that.


Contributed by MSN associate Daniel Topp, M.A., Boston University

May 21, 2013