Mind Machine Review: Proteus vs Nova Pro 100

The main difference between the Proteus and Nova Pro 100 machines are the options that each has, and therefore the price.  Both are effective, time-tested great systems, so you can’t really go wrong either way in these respects.

Proteus Light and Sound Mind MachineThe Proteus is a mid-range system and has been around for a long time.  It allows for dual-colored lights, as does the Nova Pro 100.  It has 50 built-in sessions (sessions ready to use) and the capacity to create your own.  The Nova Pro also has the capacity for self-designed sessions but has 100 built-in sessions.  The vast majority of people tend not to design their own sessions and instead explore the built-in ones.  Therefore, the Nova is going to provide much more exploration over time in this regard.  The sound is better with the Nova Pro in terms of being deeper and more complex.  The light has the capacity to be brighter with the Nova Pro as well.

Both machines allow the user to control the light and sound intensity to levels comfortable to the user.  Some people like really bright light and say they perceive more colors, shapes, etc with brighter light.  For them, the Nova Pro is the machine of choice as it produces the brightest of any of the machines on the market.  That’s not to say the Proteus doesn’t get plenty bright, but the Nova get brighter.  Both machines connect to a computer via a 9-pin serial port.  If you hope to design your own sessions, this is something to consider.  If not, don’t worry about the serial port.  Newer computers – especially laptops – do not have a serial port on them anymore.  There are USB-serial adapters available online though.  FYI, the Procyon machine has a USB interface.

The Proteus comes with glasses that have red and green leds.  The Nova Pro has the option during purchase for you to choose your glasses color.  The most popular glasses choice for the Nova Pro are the ColorTrack glasses.  They are like 20 glasses in one and then some.  They have two different modes: your choice of a solid color throughout a session, or the color track modeNova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine by Photosonix for a session.  The color track mode senses the frequency during a session and changes the color being delivered.  So you receive a myriad of different colors and perceptions throughout your session.  Very cool!  Again, FYI, the Procyon also changes colors throughout a session but there is no option to set it to stay on a specific color throughout, such as blue.

Additionally, the Nova Pro allows for two simultaneous users as it has 2 sound ports and 2 light ports.  The Nova has a built-in rechargeable battery, higher quality headphones (although you can use about any headphones with both machines if you wanted to upgrade from a local store), and a nicer carrying/storage case.  Both have auxiliary ports for adding your own music or voice programs.  The Nova Pro has a microphone port to allows real-time voice to be added to a program, like for vocal guidance/visualizations.



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June 1, 2014