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Small, powerful and ever more capable: mind tech is rapidly becoming a mainstream commodity.

Video games and other toys are emerging with medical-grade EEG sensors.  Lush graphical virtual worlds are being navigated by brainwaves. Peer-reviewed medical journals are increasingly publishing the physiological health benefits of meditation and the value of learning to calm your body and mind. The world of mind technology is developing rapidly!

These amazing new tools are available right now to help us explore our inner world.  Through advancements in biotechnology – especially mind tech – we are learning ways to enhance – and control – our states of mind.

Procyon Light and Sound Mind MachineImagine dazzling patterns of light gently guiding you into deep relaxation.  From there, you can enter states of heightened creativity, connectedness or healing.  Light and sound machines like the Procyon do just that.

The Procyon mind machine is comprised of a small control unit with pre-programmed sessions designed for various purposes like deep meditation, sleep and focus.  The control unit then controls light frames similar to glasses with mult-colored LEDs on the inside of the lens.  The LEDs flash light at controlled frequency, color and brightness to obtain the desired effect.

Mind tech that uses light and sound frequencies can also help guide you to sleep and even help you focus while studying or taking a power break at work.  Learn more about light and sound mind machines by visiting our article: Discover Light and Sound Mind Machines for Desired Brain States.

Muse - The Brain Sensing HeadbandBiofeedback is another hot topic in the world of mind tech.  It is the ‘feeding back’ of information about your physical state like muscle tension or even brainwave frequency, as in the case of neurofeedback, a type of biofeedback.  The Muse Brain Sensing Headband can actually detect your state of mind using EEG signals (electroencephalography), also referred to as brainwaves or rhythms.  Based on your brain’s rhythms and can provide you real-time information to help guide to states of peace and relaxation.

Discover some of these tools by browsing the cutting-edge products below.  Click on a device to learn more about it, and the company who is offering it.

You may also want to check out this article with even more mind tech details: Intro to Mind Tech at MindLabX .

Enjoy your explorations!


Wild Divine Biofeedback System

Wild Divine Biofeedback and Meditation Systems

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Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine

Proteus Light and Sound Mind Machine

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Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine by Photosonix

Nova Pro 100 Light & Sound Mind Machine

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With 100 stimulation sessions, more storage and more features than any other system, the Nova Pro 100 is the maximum in what light & sound technology can offer. Top of the line, pr
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The Brain Evolution System

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Kasina Mind Media System 

Kasina Mind Media System

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Kasina light and sound system provides stunning audio-visual experiences for relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation.

March 19, 2015