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Online Course: Secrets of Sleep Science - From Dreams to Disorders

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Secrets of Sleep Science: From Dreams to Disorders is your opportunity to access groundbreaking research on the complex and enigmatic phenomenon of sleep, straight from a scientist

Lucid Dreaming Defined

According to Wikipedia, a lucid dream is a dream in which the person is aware that he or she is dreaming while the dream is in progress...
Lucid Dreaming Audio Program with Hemi-Sync Technology

Hemi-Sync Lucid Dreaming Program

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Do anything, anywhere, with anybody! This series provides a unique opportunity for individuals to benefit from states of expanded awareness during times we are not no
Dream info

I Dreamed a Dream

There are dreams when the person who is trying to quit smoking, smokes in a dream and wakes up with extreme guilt, such dreams are called dreams of absent minded transgression. Str

12 Fascinating Facts About Sleep

Learn some cool facts about sleep!

Decoding Dreams - WebMD

By Michael Breus, PhD, ABSM
How to control your dreams video.

Ways people claim they can control their dreams

To be lucid is to understand, or to be aware, so to have a "lucid dream" is to know you're dreaming, then try to control your dreams. Enthusiasts paint it as a world in which, whil