The Role of Glasses Color with Mind Machines

Mind machines, or light and sound stimulation devices, use light as well as sound frequencies to help create a specific state of mind.  The glasses, or lightframes, come in several different color options and combinations according to the color of LEDs the glasses are made with.  But when you use any color of glasses, you will actually perceive many colors throughout a session.

People tend to see a little wider spectrum of colors when using white LEDs, making them a good choice for general use.  But you will see mostly white.  As with blue LEDs, you will see many colors, but predominantly blue.  In general, colors help one to create mood and ambiance.  People using light and sound for deeper work like for meditation or sleep often like using blue glasses.  People focusing on doing healing work such as visualizations often like to have some green in their dominant perceptions.  There are many people who report color as having a significant impact on their experience, but ultimately, it is the frequencies of light doing the majority of the work in terms guiding you to desired states – more so than the colors. But color can be a very powerful element in this equation!

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Check out the effects of some colors as reported by users of light and sound machine technology:

  • Red Glasses: Red color LED glasses are the standard color glasses most people prefer. Red is still the basic color, and provide a wide range of visuals for majority of people. Red LEDs are the brightest of the colors (premium TruWhite is the brightest overall), and while the eye is most sensitive in the orange/yellow part of the spectrum red seems to give stronger stimulation. Red light is known for revitalizing physical strength and improving your sense of security.
  • Orange/Amber Glasses: Also called Amber, the Orange glasses are an in-between choice between the Red and the Yellow. For those that find the Red too intense but the Green too dim, the Orange glasses is the choice for and interesting variation. Also highly recommended as soft and subtle. Orange light is known for creativity, energizing you sexually, and promoting social skills.
  • Yellow Glasses: Yellow LED glasses are used primarily by individuals that like to change the visuals by changing glasses and colors. The Yellow LEDs are less intense in color than the Red and Green. Highly recommended as soft and subtle. Yellow light is known for promoting focus, stimulating the intellect, and for motivation.
  • Green Glasses: The Green LED glasses are recommended for light sensitive people. They are less bright than the red and thus more soothing for some individuals. Green light is known for being healing, tranquil and loving.
  • Ultra Green Glasses: The Ultra Green glasses are made with bright LEDs of the same brightness of the TruWhite™ glasses. The best way to experience the cool green color in the brightest mode available. Green light is known for healing, love, letting go, and inspiration.
  • CoolBlue Glasses: Mystique just seems to flow from CoolBlue Glasses! They are a wonderful tool for meditation and sleep. Many insomniacs swear by them. Clients love their trance-inducing effects. Blue light is also known for promoting self expression, understanding truth and help with decision-making.
  • Indigo Glasses: The Indigo glasses are a red/blue combination (2 LEDs each color per eye).  Customers report better and more vivid images. Indigo light is known for fostering spiritual awareness and sharpening intuition. It may also sharpen your visualizations and heighten your imagination.
  • SpectrumPro Glasses: The SpectrumPro glasses are a red/green combination (2 LEDs each color per eye). Colors are many, and multi-layered. Often, users report feeling optimistic and feeling a calm energy after a session with these glasses.
  • TruWhite™Glasses: Photosonix TruWhite glasses are made with white LEDs, a new breakthrough in LED technology. The white spectrum takes the stimulation to a deeper level and the experience has been subject to rave reviews. “Intense, vivid” visuals are often reported.
  • ColorTrack Glasses: ColorTrackTM glasses usher in a new era of light and sound technology.  During a light and sound session, you may choose one of 20 different colors, or choose instead to see the colors change…potentially producing millions of dazzling colors literally right before your eyes!  All in one pair of glasses.  You’ll never need another pair again! View details here.



June 1, 2010